NEW TRANSLATION: Pristine Awareness

A English Translation of Fourteen Short Dzogchen Texts with Tibetan. Five texts are translations of 1000 year old texts found in the Duhuang Caves.

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Excellent Path to Enlightenment

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Longchenpa (1308-1364) is the main Tibetan lineage holder of the Nyingma Dzogchen teachings and is the author of many texts including the well known “The Seven Treasures.”

“The Excellent Path to Enlightenment” consists of one hundred and forty one separate practices that can be performed on a daily basis. It is a complete practice manual that contains the essential points of the entire Buddhist teachings.

The initial ninety two practices are associated with the Sutrayana teachings and the remaining practices are divided among the different yanas of the Vajrayana teachings. The book organizes these points in a special way in accordance with the view of Dzogchen, the pinnacle view of Buddhism.

The Vajrayana sections are days 93-141. To read and practice the full 141 days of “The Excellent Path to Enlightenment” it is required that you have permission, given by a qualified Vajrayana master, to engage in the Vajrayana Buddhist path. It would be best, and is recommended, to have a reading transmission (Lung) and practice instructions for this text.

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